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International Use

LBBC Beechwood manufactured pressure vessels are in use around the world in a wide range of industries. Applications range from the processing of oil, gas, rubber, timber, food and chemicals to the production of investment castings and carbon fibre products.

Carbon steel vessels up to 5m diameter and 20 tonnes, and stainless steel vessels up to 2m diameter and 5 tonnes, are manufactured in dedicated workshops.

Pressure Vessel

Full Certification

Vessels can be certified to the following regulations codes:

  • European (PED 2014/68/EU)
  • American (ASME U Stamp)
  • Chinese (AQSIQ M Stamp)

These are manufactured in accordance with classification society rules. Designs are predominantly based on the ASME B&PV code or PD 5500. Vessels can also be supplied with full UKCA and CE manufacturing certification.

Our workshops are well equipped with a wide range of cutting, rolling and welding equipment.

Carbon Steel Facility

  • 940 m² workshop

  • 8 fabrication booths

  • 5t, 10t and 20t overhead cranes

Stainless Steel Facility

  • 320 m² workshop
  • 5 fabrication booths
  • 5t overhead crane