Specialist fabrications for a variety of applications

LBBC Beechwood produces specialist fabrications for a variety of applications including marine, defence oil & gas, chemical and materials processing.

Our segregated carbon steel and stainless steel workshops (940 m² & 320 m² respectively) with overhead cranes ranging from 5 tonnes to 20 tonnes are ideally suited for the manufacture of high integrity fabrications.

Specialist fabrications

Fully Licenced

The company is ASME ‘U’ stamp approved and licensed by AQSIQ to manufacture pressure vessels for export to the P.R. of China (‘M stamp’). We are also experienced at manufacturing  UK CA and CE marked vessels in accordance with the European Pressure Equipment Directive (2014/68/EU).

With numerous weld procedures conforming to ASME IX and/or BS EN ISO 15614-1 a multitude of fabrication and cladding work can be undertaken. Many of our more recent procedures have been approved by IACS member third parties making them suitable for use on marine and defence contracts.

machining and dished end manufacturing

Comprehensive machining and dished end manufacturing facilities

With comprehensive in-house machining and dished end manufacturing facilities, LBBC Beechwood has the resource and experience to project manage the production, assembly and testing of complex fabricated equipment whether for high pressure applications or other highly critical applications.


  • Coded welding of carbon steel, stainless steel, and non ferrous materials

  • Column and boom submerged arc welding

  • Corrosion resistant cladding

  • F.C.A.W. / M.I.G. / G.T.A.W. / S.M.A.W.

  • Qualified NDT testing

  • Procedures in accordance with ASME IX and/or BS EN ISO 15614-1

Pressure Vessel

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