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Expertise in pressure vessel manufacturing services

Established 1876

Our Services

  • Pressure Vessels

    Pressure Vessel Manufacturing

    LBBC is perfectly placed as the ideal global manufacturing partner for complex pressure vessel assemblies.

    We manufacture vessels up to 5 metres in diameter and up to 20 tonnes. ISO9001 approved and qualified in:

    • UKCA
    • CE
    • ASME U-Stamp
    • China M-Stamp.
  • Specialist Fabrication

    Specialist Fabrication

    High integrity specialist fabrications in carbon and stainless steel for industries including oil & gas, marine, sub-sea and material processing.

  • Dished Ends

    Dished Ends

    We have been manufacturing dished ends for over a century,  supplying both UK and overseas customers with dished and flanged ends up to 4 meter diameter.

  • Heavy Machining


    Our machining facility specialises in CNC and manual machining of large castings, forgings and fabrications up to 4 meters in diameter and weighing up to 20 tonnes.

Our Industries

LBBC Beechwood is certified to manufacture a wide range of bespoke fabrications and assemblies for high pressure applications within the following market sectors:


Military & Defence

Sub-sea &


Oil &

Materials Processing

LBBC Beechwood has been a producer of high integrity pressure vessels for many years. The fabrication, machining and dished end manufacturing facilities have evolved in support of this key activity to become the unrivalled sub contract services they are today.