Heavy Machining – Vertical Boring

LBBC Beechwood has been operating from its‘ Stanningley, Leeds site since 1876.

With a large well equiped machine shop complimented by large fabrication and dished end facilities LBBC Beechwood has carried out projects for various UK blue chip companies, often with the most stringent quality and project management requirements.

The heavy machining facility specialises in the vertical boring of large castings, forgings and fabrications up to 4m diameter and 20 tonnes.

All machines have contour copying capability which enables our highly skilled engineers to machine complex components in a wide range of materials.

LBBC Beechwood’s heavy machining facility provides services to a wide range of industries including marine, oil & gas, chemical, water and power generation.

Vertical Boring Capabilities

Machine TypeTable Dia.Max swing height up to 13″Max swing above 13″Max Height
10’ 0” Webster & Bennett120” 3048mm13’2” 4013mm12’2” 3708mm7’0” 2133mm
10’ 0” Webster & Bennett120” 3048mm13’2” 4013mm12’2” 3708mm8’0” 2438mm
11’ 0” Webster & Bennett132” 3352mm13’2” 4013mm12’2” 3708mm7’0” 2133mm
6’ 0” Webster & Bennett76” 1930mm84” 2133mm84” 2133mm4’0” 1219mm
6’ 0” Webster & Bennett72” 1828mm84” 2133mm84” 2133mm4’0” 1219mm
4’ 0” Webster & Bennett48” 1219mm60” 1524mm60” 1524mm2’0” 610mm

All machines have contour copying capability

Horizontal Boring Capabilities

Machine TypeCross TravelVertical TravelLong travel of headTable
Richards Planer Type13’0” 3962mm90” 2286mm72” 1829mm14’0” x 6’0” 4267 x 1829mm

Rotating top table 6’0” x 4’0” 1829mm x 1219mm

Heavy Machining - Vertical Boring - LBBC Beechwood


  • Surface grinding
  • Centre lathe turning
  • Radial drilling
  • Shaping
  • Universal milling
  • Pillar drilling


5t, 15t and 20t

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