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Operating large CNC universal milling machines, vertical boring machines as well as centre lathe turning and radial drilling, LBBC Beechwood undertakes many large- scale and heavy sub-contract machining projects.  We work with  many blue chip companies, often with the most stringent quality and project management requirements.

Supported by modern tooling and a highly skilled workforce, LBBC Beechwood promotes a commitment to consistently high standards of product and service.

The ability to complete large scale and heavy components to tight tolerances within our own plant enables us to provide a rapid, cost effective service; this allows us to meet the specifications and demanding schedules required by our customers.

CNC universal bed milling machine

CNC universal bed milling machine

Continued investment in a state of the art CNC universal bed milling machine supported by the latest CAD/CAM software now enables us to offer precision machining on components up to 4.5 metres in length, 1.25 metre wide and up to 1.35 metres in height up to a total weight of 10 Tonnes.

Key Features include:

  • Heidenhain iTNC 640 Control System
  • 2 Step ZF Gearbox (0-1000 and 1001 -4000 rpm)
  • 38 kW Spindle Motor
  • A4 Automatic Universal Head (2.5˚ x 2.5˚)
  • 24 Tool Automatic Changer

Vertical boring machining

Vertical boring is essential for precision machining of large and heavy components. Our facility boasts advanced manual vertical boring machines with contouring capabilities, designed to handle workpieces up to 4.0 metres in diameter and weighing up to 20 tonnes. This process is vital for accurately machining internal profiles and cylindrical shapes, supporting industries like aerospace, maritime, and heavy machinery. Our vertical boring machines’ ability to create complex shapes and surfaces ensures we can meet diverse manufacturing needs, delivering high-quality and precision-engineered components efficiently.

Vertical boring machining

Large-scale machining

Large-scale machining at our facility is underpinned by our team of highly skilled, apprentice-trained engineers and cutting-edge FARO® precision inspection arms and trackers. This combination of expert personnel and advanced technology enables us to machine large-scale components across a spectrum of metals with unparalleled precision. We excel in maintaining the tightest tolerances, ensuring that every piece meets the rigorous standards required by our clients. Our commitment to quality and precision in large-scale machining operations positions us as a leader in producing components that demand exacting specifications.