Hyperbaric Lifeboat Mating Trunk

Case study: Hyperbaric Lifeboat Mating Trunk and Mating Clamp Assembly

Client:  Submarine Manufacturing & Products Ltd (SMP Ltd)

Sector:  Marine

LBBC Beechwood have manufactured for Submarine Manufacturing & Products LTD (SMP Ltd) a Hyperbaric Lifeboat Mating Trunk and Mating Clamp Assembly, which enables the emergency transfers under pressure of evacuated divers, from a 24 person Self Propelled Hyperbaric Lifeboat (SPHL) into the 24 Man capacity Hyperbaric Rescue Facility (HRF) which was manufactured by SMP for Sea-force Hyperbaric Inc located in St Johns Newfoundland Canada.

The state of the art HRF facility provides emergency life supports services to enhance offshore safety requirements during commercial diving offshore Canada.

In the event of a vessel emergency offshore, where for safety reasons the saturated divers must be evacuated from the mother vessel, they are transferred into the SPHL which carries the evacuees to the St Johns Sea-force Life Support Hyperbaric Rescue facility (HRF).

For transfer under pressure (TUP), medical treatment and controlled decompression once the emergency situation has been stabilised.

The LBBC mating assembly was manufactured in accordance with ASME VIII Division 1 and ASME PVHO and ASME ‘U’ Code Stamped & Canada registered (CRN) with the ASME U Code inspections carried out under British Engineering Services.

Client testimonial

“The end result was a first class job from LBBC Beechwood, for both SMP and our client in Canada.”

Andrew Scott, Engineering and Technical Director, Submarine Manufacturing & Products Ltd (SMP Ltd)

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