2017 Mar – LBBC Beechwood expands fabrication and welding capability

2017 Mar – LBBC Beechwood expands fabrication and welding capability

LBBC Beechwood has invested in 4 new Kemppi FastMig X MIG welding sets to update equipment and expand fabrication capability following recruitment of two additional welders.

The new welding sets are designed to meet the strict demands of ISO 3834, NORSOK, ASME, and EN1090 manufacturing standards. They are energy efficient providing a highly specialised welding solution, and superior welding quality.

Production efficiency is boosted by utilizing up to 30% faster travel speed with smooth welding with less spatter which equals less grinding and fewer repairs with welding parameters being stored to ensure consistent high quality standards.

The software set up provides pulse MIG welding capabilities for various materials, covering a vast number of applications.

The acquisition of the new sets can be run in tandem with fume extractor units attached to the torch for welder safety and comfort as well as for employees in the vicinity and will have a significant benefit on production.

Find out more about our specialist fabrication capability here

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